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  • Filament - Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

    Search Engine Optimization

    Filament is unique, creative copy written by expert writers with a proven track record of click-throughs and conversions. Our expertise is original content that sounds like your neighbor wrote it, which is exactly what search engines are looking for.


  • Filament - Content Creation

    Content Creation

    Filament ensures you have interesting, shareable content that responds to the questions your customers are asking. We plan, develop, implement and manage website content strategies that drive traffic to your site across multiple channels.


  • Filament - Email Marketing

    Email Marketing

    Email marketing is still the most effective way to have relevant, personal conversations with your customers. Filament helps you take advantage of this opportunity with unique, relevant and timely email marketing strategies that speak to your customer's personal interests.


  • Filament - Social Media Marketing

    Social Marketing

    With social networking the most popular onine activity in North America, Social Media Marketing is an essential part of doing business. Filament can help you plan, develop and implement a strategy to join the conversation with your customers.


About Filament

Filament is an Internet marketing company that lights up your online presence. With a host of proven strategies, we help you tell your story, connect with customers and build lasting relationships to grow your business online.

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