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Filament crafts compelling, relevant and useful stories about your brand with a consistent message across the right sites to help you reach more people and grow your business. Our effective social media strategies keep your customers, new and returning, engaged—that is, talking about your brand and sharing your content. 

Filament creates valuable, informative content that people want to share.

And shares help you stand out from your competition. Our unique, creative copy is written by expert writers with a proven track record of click-throughs and conversions.

In developing a social strategy, Filament will help you gain an understanding of how your prospective customers behave online. We’ll use this knowledge to develop a strategic plan for creating online conversations that remain true to your customer base while attracting new customers.

We track your social media reach with effective reporting and statistics and use that data to steer our strategies. Plus, we anticipate and integrate new technologies, such as Google voice searches and check-ins, in all of our social campaigns.

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Filament is an Internet marketing company that lights up your online presence. With a host of proven strategies, we help you tell your story, connect with customers and build lasting relationships to grow your business online.

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