November 22, 2016 Gina Fink Kosek

2017 SEO Trends to Start Now

It’s never too early to work on your SEO strategy. Truth is, you’re never really “done” with it. A good SEO strategy is a living, breathing tool that adjusts with new trends and technology. Whether you’re starting from scratch or tweaking an existing plan, focus on the following SEO trends to fine-tune your strategy for 2017.


Google Quick Answer Box

Have you noticed that if you ask a simple question you get a boxed answer at the top of Google? The box gives you the information you want without having to scroll through different results and/or head deeper in to a webpage. This is a huge SEO trend for 2017 and beyond. You’re going to want to get in that box for your industry. To do so, make sure you are an authority in your field. A great way to do that is by creating content that responds to the most-asked questions in your industry.


App Indexing

In 2016 Google began to include apps in search results. What does that mean?  Your website could be losing out to an app if they’re providing better optimized SEO results. Some statistics suggest that apps are the preferred result for a significant number of searchers. If you don’t have an app, this might be the time to consider getting one. If you have one, boost your optimization plan and capture more eyes.


Deep Linking

Deep linking is really a subcategory under app indexing but it’s important for people who want to boost their app. Sharing a link in an app, in the past, was basically impossible because each app had specific ways of sharing that were incompatible. But by deep linking in your app you can share the data and boost your app as well as your regular website. Please note, currently there is no deep link standard, so you’ll have to research which method will work best for your website.


Mobile and Voice

More and more searches are being done on mobile devices with voice queries. They’re actually even starting to be done on laptops with voice searches. The take away from this is that people type a query into their computer in a different way than they vocalize it. Voice queries typically tend to be more complete. For example, the typed query “Denver Mexican restaurants” may become “Find Mexican restaurants in Denver, Colorado”. For this reason there has been a major shift in keyword focus from singular keywords to long tail keyphrases. A great place to start your 2017 SEO plan is to review your keyword analytics and do some rewriting of your website.


Hire an SEO Content Writer

Speaking of writing, you should take the previous tip a step further. It’s important to make sure everything on your website is original and speaks to your audience in an informative and authoritative way. Give them what they want with optimized content written by professionals. You should constantly put forth optimized content designed to reach your target audience and boost your ROI.


2017 SEO trends are clearly moving away from the stationary computer and toward the mobile world. This is probably going to play out for several years with many adaptations and changes ahead. In addition to implementing the above search engine optimization techniques, it’s vital that your brand prepare for a mobile takeover and embrace these changes. Filament specializes in SEO content, strategy and web writing and can help you keep your website on top of its game. Contact us today to learn how.

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