December 2, 2016 Gina Fink Kosek

2017 Social Media Trends to Get a Head Start On


We’ve defined what’s on the horizon for social media trends in 2017 but why wait that long to implement?  Step up your social game this holiday season by getting a head start on emerging social media trends.  Take the time to turn these trends into actions by testing strategies that align with your business goals so you are able to hit the ground running come January.


Create a Social Advertising Strategy

We’ve established that organic traffic is unfortunately a thing of the past.  A dedicated social budget is now considered a necessity to support your content strategy on social.  The perfect time to drive more customers to your business is during the holiday season when everyone is online.


Utilize the intuitive ad interface on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to quickly and easily create ads that will support your goals – whether it is to drive brand awareness, traffic to your site or conversions.  Define your goal, then define your audience.  Who are you marketing to?  Past customers, potential customers or fans?  Segment your audience, write compelling copy with a clear call to action and align with engaging creative to create a successful first ad campaign.  Remember to test not only copy but creative to identify what is resonating with your target audience.  Need ideas?  Identify past posts that performed well and use that copy and creative combination to begin.


Try Snapchat

New social channels are always intimating.  Is it worth your time?  Yes. If your customer is there, you need to be there.  With expiring content lasting anywhere from 10 seconds to 24 hours it’s important to create messaging that has a sense of urgency.  Try launching your platform with a promotion where the first 25 followers receive a promo code.  Promote this offer on Instagram and Twitter.  Then once you’ve established a presence, offer enticing content that makes your followers want to stop and view immediately.  Give sneak peeks of new product or first looks at what your design team is working on.  Offer promo codes or exclusive offers only for your Snapchat followers.  Be authentic and nurturing to these first followers and they will return the favor.


Live Stream

Everybody’s doing it.   Facebook, Periscope and now Instagram.  With the release of live video on more channels it shows no signs of slowing down.  Start small.  Create a live video to answer your customer’s most pressing questions during the holiday season.  Show top products or soon to launch products to your Instagram followers.  Keep it short, keep it simple and see what resonates with your audience.


Video, Video and More Video

2017 is already being proclaimed the year of video.  Now is the time to identify the impact video will have on your social strategy in 2017 and ensure that you have a solid strategy in place to create and leverage video content in the new year.


And remember less is more. The shorter the video the easier for your customers to consume, engage and share.  Keep it to 30 seconds or less.


Next help figuring out how to implement these trends in your 2017 social strategy?  Contact Filament today to create a social media strategy that converts.

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