July 8, 2016 Filament Social Media Marketing Specialist

5 Ways to Define Your Brand Voice on Social Media

First impressions are important.  More than likely the first place your customer will take a quick scan of your brand is on social media.  What will their first impression be?  How approachable is your brand at first glance?  Social media approachability is a cornerstone of a clearly defined brand voice because it builds trust.

And having a strong and clear brand voice defined throughout each post, on every social media channel, will set the stage for how they view your brand moving forward.  Follow these five steps to ensure your brand is creating an authentic and approachable voice on social media.

1. Create a Brand Persona  

What three words would you use to define your brand voice?  Identify how your brand differs from the current competitive landscape.  Create a personality for your brand—are you helpful, quirky and fun? Figure out who are you speaking to—Millennials or Baby Boomers, single ladies or new moms?  A great social media marketing voice can lead others to do the marketing for you.  

2. Set the Tone

Tone sets the stage for how your customer will choose to interact and engage with your brand.  Tone should be top of mind with each post you compose prior to hitting publish.  Be friendly, be casual, but most importantly be authentic and on brand.

3. Engage in a Two-Way Conversation

Social media approachability is not a hard sell, it’s a two-way conversation.  Think of how you feel when someone compliments what you are wearing.  Now think of how you’d feel if the brand you’re wearing complimented the photo you posted on Instagram.  It’s important to engage with your customers everyday.  Answer questions, reply to a comment they posted, actively engaging with your audience is key to creating a loyal and devoted customer.

4. Be Authentic, Familiar and Consistent (but not boring!)

Defining your brand voice and establishing social media approachability is part of the long game.  It takes time and consistency to align each post on every channel in your brand voice and tone.  It’s important to be not only consistent with how you engage with your customer each day but also accessible, easy to talk to and authentic.  It’s always a great idea to have a scripted answer to a frequently asked question but also remember you are human and you are speaking to a human. No one likes to interact with a robot.

5. Make Your Brand More Personal

Choose to connect with your customer every day in a more personal and real way.  It’s easy is to copy and paste a standard answer, what’s harder is to go out of your way to solve an issue, respond to a question or right a wrong.  Every customer interaction on social media should be building brand affinity and loyalty.  


By creating an accessible, easy to talk to and clearly defined brand voice on social media you are laying the groundwork for establishing a loyal and engaged audience of customers.  The biggest investment in this strategy is time.  The ROI might not be measurable but the longevity and positive sentiments your customer will take away is priceless.

Use these 5 tips to engage with your audience in an authentic and personable way every day.  Looking to define your brand voice on social media? Contact us to get started.

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