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The Best Social Content on the Web

Even the best social media manager can find themselves in a creative rut. More than likely if you are in a rut your audience is starting to feel it. Luckily inspiration can be found across all social channels from a variety of brands creating compelling social media content.

Having a strongly defined brand voice on social is critical. Using that voice to authentically engage with your audience is essential. Remember that with each post you are building brand affinity and loyalty. Creating social content that not only entertains but also inspires is a must.

We regularly gather examples of the best social content on the web. Below is an overview of three of our favorites. Find out how these brands are standing out from the crowd in terms of creating engaging and shareable content for their social audiences to consume across all platforms.



Have you heard that Netflix is relaunching Gilmore Girls the day after Thanksgiving? Exactly. Even with never having watched an episode, feeds across all social channels have been dominated for weeks by the news of the release, more than two months before the expected launch.

netflix |

Thanks to Netflix the entire world is now familiar with the term “binge watch”. With the Netflix distribution model comes the perfect built-in social strategy. Netflix is able to garner immense social chatter across all channels with its mass releases. Remember the launch of “Making a Murderer” last December?  It might’ve been the only show that everyone you knew was watching at the same time. And they were not only watching. They were discussing it at length across Facebook and Twitter. This wave of social support after the launch of a new series helps to drive viewers to binge so everyone is online and talking about the show with their friends and encouraging others to watch it.

Netflix also differentiates itself on social by cultivating a brand voice that doesn’t play it safe. Most brands shy away from sounding too casual and using clever captions (with occasional swear words – gasp!). Netflix has shaped a brand voice that sounds like a friend, so when you see a post in your feed it doesn’t seem like an out of place advertisement but instead piques the interest of their audience.



GoPro does an amazing job of leveraging exceptionally produced user-generated content that shows the product in action. Relying on customers to showcase how they are using the product provides a strong customer testimonial as well as inspiration for their audience to see what’s possible with a GoPro.

gopro |

GoPro continues to nurture creativity amongst their customers by creating opportunities and incentives for them to produce exceptional content. Currently GoPro is running a contest giving away $5K to their 10 favorite videos submitted that are one minute or less. They are not only curating exceptional content from their audience but also fostering community, building advocacy and continuing to make their audience a part of their brand’s story.



With over 5 million followers on Instagram, Red Bull is authentically engaging with its audience by creating exciting, exhilarating social content that inspires their audience to truly live the brand ethos.

redbull |

With a “Red Bull gives you wings” tag line the brand is walking the walk by providing content across all social channels that appeals to their audience of extremely adventurous adrenaline junkies. On Instagram they capitalize on this audience of thrill seekers with video of wakeboarding with a crane, snowboarding across closed off trails or a close up look at their Crashed Ice series.

Red Bull knows its audience and tailors their content. They appeal to the extreme (or those who wish they were). They make them stop and want to engage with the image or video and think “Awesome. I want to do that.”


Lowe’s Home Improvement

Lowe’s has been a leader in jumping on new social platforms and creating content specific to that audience. In the early days of Vine Lowe’s how-to videos captivated their audience by easily breaking down home improvement projects in 6 second loops. They are now taking that same forward-thinking approach when utilizing Facebook’s 360-degree technology. Their video series “Made In a Minute”, shown below, encourages customers to tilt and drag on their mobile device:


Lowe’s is now focused on expanding its “how-to” content to inspire and appeal to a new generation of younger homeowners – Millennials. This up-and-coming group of homeowners is hungry to learn. Their preferred channel? Small snippets of social media. So Lowe’s is perfecting its strategy on Snapchat with short videos reveal how to do the most basic of home improvement projects. Think hammering and chiseling your way through a weekend kitchen refresh – in a Snap.


Inspiration can be found everywhere. The key is to consistently produce content that entertains and informs your audience. You want to encourage them to engage with your brand on a daily basis. Need help creating social content that converts? Contact a Filament specialist today.



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