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Content Writing that Wins

Great writing inspires more great writing. For this reason, we’ve rounded up several excellent examples based on our tips from a couple of weeks ago in order to inspire you to greatness.

Relevance – West Elm

West Elm’s site offers many great examples of product descriptions that provide useful information to their particular audience. It’s packed with relevant details without being too lengthy.

West Elm content marketing copywriting


Once we tap or click on “See” to head over their to sofa-shopping guide, we find even more useful information that support the product description. This content is supported by simple illustrations that play up the text.


West Elm content marketing copywritingwe-4tinywe-5tiny


Voice – Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal’s blog Nasty Galaxy provides examples of 2 important writing practices: 1) know your audience and 2) write in their voice. The writers for Nasty Galaxy know their audience intimately and write their content in that audience’s voice, making readers feel like their chatting with their best friend.

Nasty Gal content marketing copywriting


Visuals – Everlane

Infographics, when done well, combine the best of both the image and text worlds. Everlane keeps it simple with crisp images and minimal text, all while managing to maintain their brand voice and feel.

Everlane content marketing copywriting


Concise – Casper

Sometimes a little says a lot.

Casper content marketing copywriting


Casper content marketing copywriting


Actionable – American Red Cross

When we land on the American Red Cross homepage, it’s immediately clear what the organization wants us to do. From the navigation to the headlines, subheads and calls-to-action, we’re given clear, actionable direction.

American Red Cross content marketing copywriting


Originality – Collectors Weekly

You have a unique point of view. Be sure to put that into every piece of writing you create. Not only will you be offering something that no one else on the Internet can, but you’ll be creating the kinds of unique content that search engines love, which in turn will be great for your SEO.

Collectors Weekly content marketing copywritingCollectors Weekly content marketing copywriting

Collectors Weekly content marketing copywriting


Punchy Headlines – REI

Headlines are a key part of any piece of writing. While 80% of readers will read your headlines, only 20% will read the rest of the article. An effective headline starts with an attention grabber and follows through with information relevant to the intended audience. These examples from REI’s blog do both.

REI content marketing copywriting


Put these practices into play, and your writing will improve. If you’re looking for more helpful content marketing examples that illustrate copywriting best practices, check back in a few days for some great examples of email marketing writing.

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