September 13, 2016 Gina Fink Kosek

Marketing Automation & SEO

Whether you have already jumped on the marketing automation bandwagon, are thinking about it, or are just looking for more information, it’s vital that we make one thing clear — marketing automation does not do your search engine optimization (SEO) for you. You may, however, find that incorporating marketing automation into your website helps you get the SEO ball rolling.

If you’re looking to lighten the load of your marketing team or create a system with simplicity and synergies, an automated marketing platform can do the job for you. With these systems in place you can easily create personalized messages to your customers/client base, generate leads and even convert customers. Automating and replacing repetitive tasks is a clear benefit, freeing up resources and/or valuable employee time for other efforts.

While we’re stressing that marketing automation and SEO are not the same thing, we also need to press the point that they not only can play together, they actually belong in the same sandbox. The analytical data gleaned from all marketing efforts gives you a wonderful starting point to hone your SEO plans or to create a new one from the ground up. You learn where your visitors are coming from, what keywords they used to bring them there and how they then interacted with your webpage. Pairing that knowledge with your marketing plan gives you the information necessary to constantly stay in line with your audience and give them what they’re asking for. This can lead to a greater ROI (return on investment) and improved execution of your SEO plan.

So let’s jump to the chase here, marketing automation and SEO are not the same thing but they work together quite well. The following are ways you should be pairing the two disciplines to get the most value from their synergies.



Your SEO rich content will drive your marketing and will then help you to engage with customers/fans.  Great content with seamless SEO integration helps you reach and connect with your target audience.



As we mentioned above, marketing automation gives you a wealth of analytical data which can then be woven into your SEO plan. Learn what keywords are really driving your ROI and make them your top priority. Be prepared to add flexibility to a stagnant SEO plan for the best results.


Cross Promotions and Link Building

Marketing automation can give you more specific information on referral sources, which is a fantastic opportunity for partnerships. Remember that complementary working partnerships are great link building opportunities. This is one of the building blocks of SEO.


The important take away is that whether a marketing automation plan is in your website game plan or not, a solid SEO plan is essential in all cases. Contact Filament to learn more about how SEO can help your website thrive and to add an SEO-driven content plan to your efforts.


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