October 25, 2016 Gina Fink Kosek

SEO Writing Tips to Rock Your Content

Our SEO writing tips can help your website read better, be more informative and reach your targeted audience more directly. At Filament we firmly believe all content should be optimized for search engines. This doesn’t mean it’s awkward and stuffed with keywords — those days are long gone. Today’s most effective SEO content is seamless and engaging.


Our SEO writing tips are designed to give you an edge over your competition, not only when it comes to grabbing organic eyes, but also in creating a website that’s more engaging overall.


Rethink Content

Don’t lock yourself into the belief that content means the written word alone. If you want to grab today’s dynamic audiences then you need to create content they respond to. Instead, look to spice up your web offerings with videos, images, viral memes, how-to instructions, etc. But, of course, make sure you optimize this content with your keywords.


Audience First

You’re looking to attract an audience and convert them into loyal brand representatives. This means that they are who your content needs to reach. It also means that you need to reach them in a way that they will respect. Those hard sell tactics aren’t nearly as effective online and your keywords need to come from their mindset. Remember to think of brand representatives, not grabbing a fast buck through pressure.


Connect Ecommerce to Content

It seems obvious but too many companies miss out on opportunities to connect their products to their content and vice versa. If you’re selling an animal friendly pesticide you should link that ecommerce page to your related content. On the other side of the coin, if you just put up an adorable kitten montage, then link that to your ecommerce page. Not only do you know these things may appeal to an audience that likes animals, but you’ve also just helped the search engines add context to your website which will boost your organic results.


Host and Promote

Host your content from your own site because that’s how you get people to your site. It seems pretty obvious but too many companies blog on a third party application that is not integrated so they lose out on the hits and traction they could win by hosting their blogs, videos, memes, etc themselves. Along with that, make sure you promote the content you create on all the social media platforms that are relevant to your audience. There are so many platforms these days that you shouldn’t be wasting your time on ones your demographic largely avoids.



Stay on top of those analytics. Watch to see how the tides are changing in your particular niche. Perhaps one of your products/items has found a key interest group and is starting to rise. You want to capitalize on that and start creating SEO content geared toward marketing yourself and getting out information on that product. Of course the converse could happen and one of your products could be dropping in favor, you either want to move on or find out why and try to change it. Your analytics give you the raw data to make big moves.


Keyword Research

If it feels like we harp on researching your keywords, it’s because we do. There is probably not one point that needs to be stressed as much as keyword research when it comes to SEO content. So consider this SEO content writing tip a bonus. Research and keep researching your keywords because the tides to change. Make sure you’re also doing your research from a customer perspective, not an industry insider one.


These SEO writing tips should give you a great starting place to start formulating your new SEO content plan. But remember, a plan is only as good as the people who carry through on it. If you need SEO content writing experts, Filament is your go-to agency. We specialize in bringing your target audience to you and encouraging them to become brand ambassadors.


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