August 19, 2016 Filament Social Media Marketing Specialist

Social Marketing Listening for Real-Time Marketing

One of the key benefits to having a strong social media presence is the opportunity to generate immediate feedback from your customers. With social marketing listening you have the ability to collect up-to-the-minute market research and in turn use that feedback in real-time to drive your overall marketing strategy.

So what is social marketing listening? It goes beyond simply monitoring your social channels for reactions and questions from your customers. With a strong social listening strategy in place you have the ability to identify keywords, search terms, hashtags and now even images that include mentions of your brand across all social media platforms.

Actively searching for what customers are saying about your brand on a deeper level provides invaluable insights into how your customer is truly perceiving your brand, allowing you the opportunity to react.

Listen First, then React with a Plan

First and foremost, listen and pay attention to the feedback your audience is giving you.  With social listening it is imperative not to just jump into conversations but instead sit back, collect data, monitor the conversations, formulate a plan, and then react to what you are hearing from customers.  

Use this as an additional opportunity to provide excellence customer service and build on brand loyalty by reminding your audience that there is a person behind the brand.  This is a rare occasion to market to individuals one-on-one in real-time, so don’t just copy and paste responses but instead take the time to personalize the engagement and respond according to their needs.

Perception Is Reality

Social marketing listening provides instant feedback on how your brand is being perceived across all of social media. It allows you to see what your competitors are doing in the social space and how their audience is reacting as well.    

And now with revolutionary tools like image recognition as a next-level form of social listening, new opportunities are emerging for insight into measuring sponsorship and event ROI that weren’t readily available in the past.

Identify Influencers and Brand Advocates

Use social marketing listening tools to identify new influencers and brand advocates who are talking about your brand. Then leverage the user-generated content you discover in your next post and throughout your on-going marketing campaign to continue to bring social engagement with your customers to the next level.


Benefits of social listening can be huge. Instant feedback from customers on a daily basis, real-time intelligence on your competitors and collecting user-generated content to leverage in your next marketing campaign are just a few of the benefits.  

Need help taking your social listening strategy to the next level?  Contact the Filament team today.


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