September 2, 2016 Filament Social Media Marketing Specialist

Social Media + Big Data = Social Intelligence

Never before have businesses had the opportunity to get to know their customers on the intimate level that social media has been able to provide. The immediate power of real-time customer feedbac paired with data collection provides a dynamic one-two punch, creating invaluable social marketing intelligence that wields the potential to drive your business forward.

Social marketing intelligence goes beyond the reporting found on dashboard analytics. Instead it digs deeper into understanding your customer, their feelings towards your brand and their buying process.

Should you be using this convergence of social media and big data to inform business decisions? Keep reading for our top reasons to incorporate social marketing intelligence into your overall strategy.


Know Your Customer Better

Capturing intelligence through social listening and big data helps you get to know your customer beyond their initial sentiments towards your brand. Utilize this key social intelligence to learn about customers’ hobbies and interests that you can then leverage in future content marketing strategies. By knowing what excites and delights your customer along the decision-making process you are able to provide a better product and in turn gain their loyalty for a lifetime.

Pinpoint the Path to Purchase

With a greater understanding of your customer you will be able to better utilize the data to determine their exact path to purchase. Identify not only the motivations that informed their decision but also the specific steps they took to make the purchase. Once the path to purchase is discovered, use this information to inform your marketing strategy on how to reach current and potential customers at each point of their buying decision.

Identify Opportunities in the Market

Use social marketing intelligence to not only see what your customers are saying about your product but also to collect feedback on what they like and don’t like. Find ways to improve your business by listening to feedback in regards to a specific product, customer service or their overall experience with your brand. Along the way you might discover other needs in the market not currently being fulfilled by you or your competitors. This could potentially spark new ideas for product development driven straight from your customers wants and needs.

Real-Time Competitor Analysis

Conduct a real-time competitor analysis by seeing what your customers and your competitors’ customers are saying on social, about what’s lacking and can be improved or what is great and they want more of. Use this invaluable data to craft a strategy that keeps you one step ahead of your competition across all channels.


Employ these learnings to find out how social marketing intelligence impacts your brand and how to build a successful strategy that can move your entire business forward. Need help on where to begin? Contact the Filament team to help define your strategy today.

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