October 28, 2016 Gina Fink Kosek

Social Media Copywriting: Content that Converts

Few social media experts started their careers as copywriters. With the growth and continuous evolution of social platforms, writing concise and compelling copy that converts has now become a key attribute of a successful social media manager. Learn how to create effective and engaging copy that makes your audience click and convert with these five writing tips.


#1:  Know your audience

The number one writing tip for connecting with your customer, or potential customers, on social is to define who you are speaking to. Learn as much about your audience as possible so that you are able to create quick, fun-sized bits of engaging content.

With a strong brand persona in place you should be able to authentically speak to your audience in a way that identifies not only the value of your product but how that product can add value to your customer. Knowing your audience and speaking directly to them in each post helps to build trust, essentially compelling them to click and convert with ease.


#2:  Keep it conversational

Know your voice, know your brand, but leave the corporate speak behind. People are on social to be informed and entertained so it’s important to keep your social voice casual and conversational. People want to feel like they are speaking to a person, not a brand. Keep this in mind when you are structuring sentences and choosing the punctuation you use. It’s important to keep the copy professional but don’t forget to let your brand’s personality shine through.


#3:  Define a clear call-to-action

What do you want your audience to do? Sign up for an email? Watch a video? Shop or share? Define the reaction you want your audience to take and then compose a short compelling call-to-action to drive that behavior. Make your customer, or potential customer, want to learn more. Intrigue them. And be sure to customize the call-to-action to each social platform so it feels authentic and not out of place.


#4:  Keep it short, concise and impactful

With every social post you write it’s important to identify the value of your product for your customer and then present a concise and impactful reason for converting. People are busy. They are scrolling their feed and it’s your job to grab their attention mid-scroll with your messaging. Do you find yourself stopping to read long paragraphs? Probably not. With every post value your customer’s time—keep it short and make them want to engage.


#5:  Write, rewrite, edit, proofread—and repeat

With short, quick bursts of content be sure to still take the time to think through each post before you publish. Read it out loud and try to view from every perspective. Is this offensive or could it be misconstrued in any way? Are there grammatical or spelling errors? Typos can kill an awesome post and leave a less than stellar imprint on your customer.


Copywriting is a craft that takes years to hone, it’s alway easier and better to spend time writing and rewriting, editing and editing again to ensure you are publishing the best most compelling content for not only your business, but for your audience.

Remember each social post is a reflection of your brand. As a social media expert your goal is to create consistent and engaging content everyday to ensure your audience clicks, shares and converts. Need more social media copywriting tips from our experts? Contact Filament today.

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