August 2, 2016 Filament SEO Specialist

Voice Search & SEO

Google’s voice search is on the rise, but that probably doesn’t surprise you as you find yourself going for the ease of voice commands over the pain of typing on tiny phone screens. So how do voice search and SEO play together in this ever changing world of technology?

There will be some changes but there is an SEO foundation that will stay the same. Your company will retain a lot of its keywords that describe who you are and what you do but they may change a little bit. Filament wants you to stay on top of the SEO curve so we’ve come up with a few tips to help you align your optimization plan to fit with the growing popularity of voice search.


Keyword Revamp

Long tailed keywords are essential so it’s time to look at your keywords and analytics to see what people are actually using to find your website. Then start thinking about what they may use in the future and crafting some long tail keywords to fit.


Conversational Tone

It’s only natural that as people speak they tend to be more conversational. This means that your keywords and your content should be more relaxed and feel natural to both read and speak.


Answer Questions

A lot of voice queries are questions, which means that if you can tailor your content to provide answers, you’ll fare better in the search frenzy.



You’re already mobile right? Mobilgeddon happened a while back and, like a good website owner, you hopped right on board and made sure your website was mobile ready. If you did, you’re where you need to be as most voice searches are done by mobile devices. If you haven’t then it’s really time to go mobile or you’ll be left in the dust.



Mobile searches are three times more likely to be local as people often are on the go when they’re searching. This is a great opportunity for local businesses to reach new customers and take advantage of their location.


Become a Voice Searcher

Learn the technology yourself and analyze the way you search. What words and phrases do you use? The best way to manage your business is to think like a customer.


Learning how your target audience speaks to its mobile device will help you become better at answering their questions and becoming the source they return to. Remember that mobile devices remember which sites you use and are more likely to suggest those sites again. By answering the questions your mobile user asks, you’re apt to be the resource their device suggests in the future. The rewards from optimizing for voice search can show you a huge return.

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