March 14, 2014 Filament Social Media Marketing Specialist

What Is Your Business All “About?”

Some brands don’t really have to explain themselves. We know who they are, and we know what they do for us. We also know that they’re always evolving, which is what keeps them growing.

They consistently re-invent, re-establish and re-assert what their brand is all about. And, they do it in ways that answer our questions, fulfill our needs, and pique our interests. They are all about their customers, and they realize that what they’re ‘About’ is one of their most important selling tools.

When people visit your social media venues, do they know what your business is all about?

When it comes to communicating about your business, it’s easy to point to the obvious – the things you sell, create, represent, and do. Right? That’s a good place to start, but think about giving customers more to relate to: Where did you come from? What’s your philosophy? What makes you different from your competitors? How do you give back?

If you have to pull up your pages and sites to refresh your memory about what they say, it’s time to change it up. Customers can smell stale, outdated information from a mile away. Your social media shouldn’t convey anything that reeks of irrelevant. As mission statements, target markets, industry standards and new developments redefine what you do, your social media needs to reflect those changes, too.

Whether it’s an About page on your website or blog, bullet points on your Facebook info page, taglines on your Pinterest boards, or 140 Twitter characters, don’t be afraid to get a little personal. There’s a significant trend emerging indicating that, more and more, people want “old-fashioned” depth. People want to know the stories behind the companies they work with. The more they know, the more loyal they become.

So, what information do you focus on when it’s time to beef up your ‘About?’ Well, the first thing to consider is where the information is being shared. Ideally, each of your social media outlets offers related, but unique, elements about your company. Space and character count aside, you need to figure out how everything fits together.

• Focus on real, honest-to-goodness, beyond-the-boardroom stuff. Customers want to know more about what makes them feel good about building a “relationship” with your company.

• Keep it fresh! Decide how often you’re going to re-visit your social media ‘About’ information, build those updates into your social media plan, and make sure they’re updated regularly.

• Use your words. Make it personal and conversational, and keep it consistent with the overall “voice” and style of your company.

• Answer questions for your customers before they even need to ask. Links should be easily identifiable, and contact information needs to be front and center.

• Make sure you know who you’re talking to. Non-specific information won’t attract specific clients. Identify your ideal buyer personas.

• Not sure how much is too much? Provide levels of information that people can access based on their interests.

• Include links to public kudos and awards, testimonials, published works and community efforts.

Your sites and pages have to look good, but bells and whistles and flashy design won’t win customers’ trust. Clear, relevant information will. Just because you know everything about your company doesn’t mean everyone else does. Step outside your office and look at your company from a customer’s perspective. What would make you do business with you?

Need help developing About information for your company? Whether you’re starting from scratch or needing a fresh perspective, we’ve got the tools for you!


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