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What’s Ahead for Email Marketing in 2017

A great way to start preparing your email marketing for 2017 is to look ahead to see what email trends are on the horizon. To help, we’ve put together a list of six current and continuing trends. Keep these email trends in mind as you’re preparing your budget and planning your strategies for 2017 and you’ll be well on your way to success.


Improved Automation

More and more companies will use emerging technologies to better automate the creation, distribution, and management of email content. Email automation will help save your business time and money. Plus, it offers unparalleled opportunities for better timing and targeting. Need ideas? Check out our recent post “Strategies for Successful Automated Email Campaigns.”


Machine Learning

With machine learning, marketers can mine data more effectively than ever in order to improve results and drive profits. These tools learn as they interact with your subscribers. They’re key for everything from email automation to better personalization and targeting.


Mobile Optimization

According to the Forrester Research Email Marketing Forecast, by 2017 78% of active email users in the U.S will access their email via mobile devices. Chances are that your target audience will be among them. What does this mean for you? Your emails need to be easily readable on a mobile device.



Yes, visual content is super important on social media. However, it’s super important in email marketing, too. When you’re planning your strategies for 2017, be sure to document a well-researched visual storytelling strategy that includes a process and organization around the ongoing delivery of valuable information through visual media.



Integrate your email campaigns with other campaigns across channels. Email is a great tool for supporting campaigns on social channels since you have more room to describe the campaign with relevant details. Remember that REI email we shared in our recent storytelling post a little over a week ago? In it, REI used email to spread the word about their #OptOutside social media campaign.


Compelling Writing

From the subject line to the body copy, high-quality email text is as important as ever. We’re talking about compelling, creative content that tells a story about your brand and your products and services. That story ought to create an experience for your audience that they want to share with others. Get some great tips for writing stellar email copy here.


Across demographics and devices, email is still the most effective way to build brand awareness, convert customers, and build lasting relationships with customers. You can ensure your email marketing is on point by staying on top of email trends and continuing to evolve your email program for 2017 and beyond.

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