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Email Copywriting Done Right

When it comes to email marketing, copy is a key determinant of whether your campaigns succeed or fail. In this article, we share useful examples of great email marketing copy—that is, copy that gets subscribers to open emails, click or tap through to landing pages, and, ultimately, convert.

Subject Line

More than half of all emails are opened on mobile devices. Be sure your subscribers can read your subject line by keeping is short enough to fit on a mobile screen. In addition, short subject lines can make a big impact, as in this example from Target:

Target Subject Line



When possible, include a verb in the imperative mood in your subject line to make it actionable, like in the following examples from Bose and Lowe’s:

Bose Subject Line

Lowe's Subject Line



Clear and straightforward doesn’t have to mean cold and impersonal. It can be conversational, too:

Target Subject Line



Speak specifically to different email segments with personalized content. You could track the categories that specific guests are searching and then compile an email that speaks to those searches on your site, as in this example from Joss & Main:

Joss & Main Subject Line

Or use information you know about your subscribers to send personalized emails, as in this example from Xfinity:

Xfinity Subject Line


Extending the subject line into the preheader is one of the best ways to make the most of your preheader text. Check out the following examples that illustrate preheaders written in tandem with their subject lines:

Nordstrom Email Writing

Anthropologie Email Writing





Message Body

When it comes to the message body of your email, be sure you deliver on the promise that you set up in your subject line and preheader. Here’s a great example from Etsy:

Etsy Subject Line


Etsy Email Content


Next, be sure to employ actionable call-to-actions that use a short, simple verbs:

Xfinity Email Content


If you’re email includes a lot of text, you can make it easy to skim with bullet points or numbered lists:

Audible Email


Moz Email Content

From your subject line all the way through your message body, great email copywriting is key for enticing subscribers to open your emails, read, click through, and convert. Writing email content doesn’t have to be a chore or a stressor. It can be relaxed and rewarding—and get great results—by following a few good writing practices.

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