July 4, 2014 Filament Social Media Marketing Specialist

Taking Social Media to the Next Level… Objectively

Managing a brand’s social media details—both large and small – seems endless. And it is! But there is a way to lighten the load without giving up control and without losing focus.

The brands that are most successful in social media know the secret to getting things done and maintaining a stellar image. They have help.

We’re not suggesting that they hire someone to do it all for them. Rather, they partner with smart resources that make sure their brand shines in the best light.

One of the most valuable benefits of a strong resource partnership—in this case, a social media consultant—is objectivity. They’re close enough to the critical brand information to provide the needed insight and direction, but they’re far enough away to see things a little differently. An objective viewpoint—one that’s new and different—is what keeps a brand fresh and competitive.

You know your business inside and out, and they know social media like the back of their hand. That’s a winning combination because you’re both focusing on what you do best and you’re both working toward a common goal.

A good consultant will know everything possible about your brand so they can direct you successfully. They also have their finger on the pulse of your competition and your market in general, so they can make recommendations that will help you stand out.

From strategy development to promotions, they’ve got your back. They will help turn up the volume on what your brand is saying so your customers can hear your voice loud and clear.

If you’re heading down the wrong path with a campaign that isn’t performing like you intended, they’ll be there to put you back on the high road. It’s their job to help make the brand look good and keep it fresh.

How important is the art of crafting social media content that shines? It’s right up there with other necessities like air, food and water. Words can make or break your social media presence. Unless comic relief is your thing, you can’t expect to put your best social media foot forward with unorganized or otherwise “bad” writing. Words and images have to work together. Even if you have a team of super writers on staff, having external perspective can help ensure that your content is timely, reader-friendly, and impactful.

Oh, and that crazy little thing called SEO? Working with someone who intimately knows the ins-and-outs of that game is priceless.

You know that scheduling posts is an effective way of making sure content is distributed, but you need to do it in a way that doesn’t look automated. Similarly, you know you need to listen to your followers and engage with them so you know what they respond to. There are always different angles… Do you know where to look?

The bottom line is that you need to touch most of your social media activities with your own hands. That’s the only way to keep it real and maintain an authentic social media presence. Having specialized help with that presence, however, may be exactly what you need to take things to the next level.

Do you have your sights on a bigger, brighter social media presence for your brand? Filament can help you light it up!

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